Gary "Gary wasn't put off in the slightest. Garys never are." -Adrian Plass

Grandson of Pallet's Pokemon expert, Professor Oak. Presumed to be ten years old. His Japanese name is Shigeru.

As he is one of my favourite characters, you can learn a lot more about him on another site I've made for him, here.

Gary is Ash's rival, and therefore a 'bad guy'. He's not evil or anything, nor a criminal like Team Rocket, but his personality isn't the kindest one you could hope to encounter.

Yet he can be polite, and he's extremely dedicated. He likes to be on top of things, and keeps up to date with happenings in the Pokemon world. He studies hard too, seriously trying to be the best.

In the Pokemon game, Gary and Ash were friends since they were very young, but recently Gary has become mean. Gary isn't actually all that bad in the game. Sure, he lies in wait for you to challenge you, he boasts about his Pokemon, he tells you you're being slow, etc. But he also gives you tips sometimes. He always says "Smell ya later" before disappearing. Sinister yet strangely cute music always appears when Gary shows up. ^_^.

Gary seems pretty obnoxious and overly confident. He often says how great and cool his Pokemon are, yet never shows them. He's arrogant and rude, as well as mean to Ash. When Misty and Brock met him, they said he was sort of detestable. ^_^. Gary has his own fan club/cheerleaders, pretty girls. ^_^;;

These cheerleaders follow him everywhere and cheer him constantly. That's really the last thing he needs, more of an ego boost... ^_^;; He seems to care about them somewhat. I mean, when he loses in Pokemon League, he puts up a brave face so that they won't be sad.

However, he does like Pokemon. He really is a good trainer. His starter Pokemon is something of a mystery. The current belief is that he took an Eevee AND a Bulbasaur. In the show, he has an Arcanine and Nidoking. He also has a Krabby, a Doduo and Dodrio.

He always seems to be one step ahead of Ash. (Ash gets a Krabby, Gary gets one many times larger, Ash gets 4 badges, Gary has 5, etc.) Ash would really like to beat him.

Although Gary is always putting Ash down and not treating him as if he deserves any respect as a trainer, for some reason, he seems to be threatened by him. Maybe he recognises Ash's potential even through the other boy's constant bungling.

He's 11 years old in the game, the same age as Ash. In the game, they're also the same height, but in the show... Gary seems a lot older and more mature than Ash. He even looks older. But for the time being, he is presumed 10 years old, because he's just beginning his Pokemon journey.

Gary's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "You're the fourth to leave home. But as a trainer, you're dead last!"

My thoughts on Gary: he's an arrogant, boastful pig... but I still think he's cool! ^_^. He's another favourite character, maybe my favourite one. I feel kinda sorry for him in the game, how he works so hard and then gets constantly beaten by Ash, and loses his title of Pokemon master so soon after getting it. I think Gary's funny... and he does like Pokemon. I think he deserves to be a Pokemon Master more than Ash because he tries harder.

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